Sunday, August 16, 2009

[day 227 ... aug 15]

There's a "castle park" on the way to Costco in Kirkland, so I've driven by it for many years and thought it would be a fun place to stop and play - but never time to do it. (Less often now that there's a Costco in Woodinville, but still, once in awhile.)

So today the boys and I drove over there, after a quick stop at Michael's to get a few small crates to try as nestboxes for the hens. The funny thing is, they were there *just* last week with Candi and Chris! After all these years - what a coincidence.

It's a great park - lots of cool features that you can't see from the road, including these giant chess pieces.

Niall got tired of being there after awhile, and hid out in a "secret spot." After Cory and I were done playing, we spotted ripe blackberries outside the playing area and Niall perked up enough to enjoy picking and eating berries.

There's a nice boardwalk through some wetlands, which you walk through back to the side streets where there's a little bit of parking for cars. Mostly the park is set up for people in the neighborhood to walk to and use, it seems, since there isn't a parking lot.

It was fun to finally check it out after so many years of driving by!

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