Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[day 88 ... march 29]

Garland is on a solo vacation to D.C. for five days (lucky gal) so Grandma Shannon is helping out with Rolly. They came over for a lovely visit today. Rolly loved playing with all the toys, especially the sandbox outside. He brought this fun electronic piano to play with and all the little guys enjoyed trying it out.

We took them home in the late afternoon. It turned into a beautiful day, and we played in the yard at Garland's for a bit before heading over to Brier Park. We drive by the park every time we go to and from G's house, but either don't have time to stop or the weather is lousy. Today was an exception!

Here's Cory bringing me a bouquet of dandelions. Awww...

Niall and Cory loved playing on the climbers at the park, especially racing up as fast as they could and then zipping down the slide. Another little boy toddling around at the park, probably about Rolly's age, got such a kick out of watching them run around. They were having a great time. It's fun to see them playing together relatively happily for such a long stretch.

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