Saturday, March 28, 2009

[day 87 ... march 28]

This afternoon, Niall's class had a get-together at the house of one of his classmate's, a lovely place in Bellevue. Niall, Cory and I spent a few hours visiting and (in Niall's case) playing wildly with this enormous blow-up pillow (just like the one in Niall's OT session, where we call it a "Totoro," after the movie). I was terrified someone was going to crack his or her head open, as the pillow was right next to all kinds of hard furniture and sharp corners, and the kids were throwing themselves on it and bouncing each other off of it. I stayed in the room to keep an eye on them, while most of the other parents chatted in the dining room (without a care in the world, I guess!)

Cory really liked the train set, which had radio controlled trains - very cool. One of Niall's classmates knew how to put it together and make it work so Cory was paying close attention so he could do it himself.

It was something of a stressful scene, but the kids enjoyed it (of course). I had a chance to chat with a fellow Stanford alum, so that was fun. We were there at about the same time and both spent tons of time at LOTS, bemoaning the lack of a CS undergraduate degree, switching majors from Chem E to something else (EE, in my case, and Mathematical Sciences in her case).

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