Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[day 91 ... april 1]

Cory has been a recyclables-creating machine lately. Man, we haven't gone through so much Scotch tape in I can't remember how long. He's been making Star Wars spaceships, signs, binoculars, houses/villages, swords, robots - a huge variety of things. Just loving it.

I love that he's on such a passionate tear - always fun to see the kids get really into something - though I'm not as crazy about our house filling up with piles of "things constructed" everywhere. Ah, well. This too shall pass, and then I'm sure I'll miss it. I remember when Tynor made himself a set of "armor" out of sheets of paper, including a helmet. It was really something. Kids are so creative and persistent. Anything is possible, even with just sheets of paper and tape. Where does that go?

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