Wednesday, April 1, 2009

[day 89 ... march 30]

Finally got organized and took the boys and myself to the Bothell Courthouse to apply for passports. We had our mini-photos taken a couple of months ago, and I'm just getting around to the actual passports now!

Of course, once we got there, I found out that because I already have a passport (albeit an expired one), I have to mail mine in - can't do it in person. Probably just as well, because Cory and Niall's applications costs $25 apiece in *addition* to the passport application fee itself - all for the privilege of working with a real person, I guess. Which you have to do for kids under the age of 16 who haven't had passports before. Sigh.

It was cute when the woman asked Tynor to affirm that I was really Cory and Niall's mom, whereupon Cory chimed in to fill her in completely. "She's our mom, and he's my brother Tynor, and he's my brother Niall. And I have another bigger brother, Kellen, but he's not here." I think she got all the evidence she needed that we were legit. :-)

For Tynor, I also have to have an affadavit from his dad saying he can have a new passport - even though he already has one (expired, but still...). So we'll have to do his later - defeating the whole plan of doing this in one fell swoop! But step by step, I guess. And the best laid plans, and all that. We'll get there. At least we're "in progress" now.

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