Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[day 114 ... april 24]

Tonight was the long-awaited PSCS Student Showcase! Candi took Niall and Cory home after Extended Day, and I picked up Grandma Shannon and we drove to the event together. The Showcase was at the Wing Luke Museum, which I had never been to, so it was an extra treat to see bits of the museum as well.

But the prime delight was watching and listening to these fabulous kids show off their stuff! There were art, drawing, and photo displays. Several slideshows running on laptops. A lovely arrangement of the kids' short explanations of what PSCS means to them, written up with calligraphy and mounted - really nice, and such wonderful summaries. Tynor's note mentioned living out his grandmother's dream for children being free to learn unhindered, or something along those lines. It was really sweet, and she was so touched to read it.

Tynor performed a duet with Murren (in this photo) and also drummed in a set with one of the school bands (can't remember the name offhand but it'll come to me). He was outstanding! He had practiced for weeks but was still a bit nervous about it. No need to be - he did just great.

Kellen and the other seniors (this is Josie with him in the picture) all had presentations about their senior projects. Kellen displayed photos about parkour, laid out his wonderful essays about what parkour means to him, safety in parkour, and so on (that he's been writing out on his blog), and also had a slideshow of himself and other people doing parkour. People shared compliments with me all evening about how impressed they were with his work (and him in general :-), which I appreciated so much. He's worked so hard to conquer all his schoolwork to earn his diploma and now this year, to hammer out a senior project that was workable *and* meaningful for him, and then to complete all the work. He has earned every bit of the accolades coming at him now; none of it came easy.

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