Friday, April 17, 2009

[day 106 ... april 16]

Another fun session at Rosemary White's with our super OT therapist, Carissa. This time we were downstairs with several other kids and their therapists (and parents - though we mostly watched the frey this time, as there were so many kids and people running around).

This is therapist Jeannette in the blue caterpiller costume (as it were). She and the child she works with join us or vice versa maybe once out of every 4-5 visits. It adds another dynamic to the session when the children can be encouraged to collaborate with each other. "What's your plan for getting the ball from me? I think it'll only work if you team up and do it together") and get help sorting out conflicts when they inevitably arise ("Ask him when he'll be done with that" or "Maybe he has another idea of how you two could build the fort - did you check with him?"
There is typically a LOT of action and running when we're in the big downstairs room, and Niall and Cory were both completely sweaty and soaked by the time we were done today. But it was a fun, fast-moving, exciting session that they both really enjoyed. It's great when they can enjoy it AND we can keep working on those goals for Niall too.

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