Friday, April 17, 2009

[day 102 ... april 12]

Happy Easter! The boys awoke to find their Easter baskets on the couch, as usual, and enjoyed breaking into their new Lego sets and beginning to build them. I caught a few extra minutes of sleep, though was awoken periodically with questions about "Can I have this treat?" as the chocolate in the plastic eggs was too alluring to ignore on an empty stomach (or, heck, any time at all for these boys! :-)

Later in the day we dyed eggs, trying for a few multi-colored versions but often dunking them accidentally in the end. Oh, well! The eggs turned out beautifully anyway, and we enjoyed the dying process. It's fun to have both boys old enough to manage this now, at least to some degree. We did have a few cracked eggs but they're hardboiled, of course, so little harm done.

I really like these cute bunny egg holders, but sadly they're losing their paint coating so I don't know how many more years we'll be able to use them. Enjoy them while we can, I guess.

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