Friday, April 17, 2009

[day 105 ... april 15]

We love Great Harvest! I only wish there were one in Woodinville - sigh. But at least we're lucky enough to be near one once a week now, typically, because the Great Harvest in Lake Forest Park (pictured here) is on our way to Niall's weekly OT appointment at Rosemary White's clinic. We have an hour between school pickup and our appointment, and the drive takes a half hour more or less (the clinic is in Shoreline). So we nearly always have 10-15 minutes to spare to swing by GH and get a bread sample. We're well acquainted with the breads they bake and serve on Wednesdays now!

We usually buy a loaf or two of bread too - how can you resist when it's so yummy and so good for you, to boot. Choices are almost always a loaf of Wade's Wheat (formerly known as Honey Wheat, I believe) and then sometimes a loaf of Cinnamon Twist (sinfully delicious) or perhaps Feta Spinach (which Niall is particularly fond of). Makes me hungry just to type this. :-)

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