Friday, April 17, 2009

[day 104 ... april 14]

The chicks have officially moved outside! I came home today to find one of them standing *outside* the box, looking like she wasn't quite sure why she could hear her friends but couldn't see them. Silly girl! I'm sure she just flew right out and then had no idea where she was. Well, at least we came home in the mid-afternoon (rather than early evening as we often do), and I was able to pick her right up and plop her back into the box.

But clearly the writing was on the wall: time for these young ladies to be enjoying their new digs - outside.

The only thing that was holding me back from moving them was trying to figure out a good feeding and watering system in the small space of the chicken tractor. Pressed to get them outside straight away, I decided they can make do with the feeder and waterer I've been using all along, and eventually I'll track down something better that holds more feed and water.

Moving them was quick and easy, and they took to their new home pretty well. One of them jumped up to the top roost immediately, and then seemed to have no idea how to get down. Probably the same one who flew out of the box - I just bet it is! She did finagle her way back down eventually, but it took her a good 10-15 minutes. None of them knew what to make of the plank from the house to the outdoor area, and they tried walking on it very hesitantly. But they'll figure it out quickly, I'm sure.

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