Saturday, February 14, 2009

[day 41 ... february 10]

What do you know - more snow! I thought maybe December met our quota for the season but Mother Nature had another idea. Not a big deal this time, thankfully. It was a light round and the roads stayed pretty clear. As long as we aren't stuck at home and driving isn't too hazardous, I'm all for more snow!

We woke up to a few inches yesterday, though the prediction was for Tuesday (figures), and then more fell today, most of the day. Nice wet snow - great for making snowballs and snowmen! Niall still has his rash but is otherwise feeling fine so he went out to make a quick snowman and run around in the snow. The temperature was so borderline, the snowman quickly caved over, but the fun was in the making. :-)

Cory, Niall and I spend some time outside before dinner making BIG snowballs - so quick and easy with this kind of snow - and then tromping out tracks and paths to follow, just for fun.

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