Sunday, January 11, 2009

[day 7 ... january 7]

This is the first of three trips I'll make across the lake this week (dentist appointment, meeting at PSCS, Cory's allergist appointment). The water on the south side of 520 was really choppy, as you can see, though not even close to the big waves that pour over that side on occasion. It always fascinates me how the bridge neatly divides the rough water from the relatively smooth water. Not surprising, but still striking.

I've been going to this dentist office, Dr. Solhaug and (now) Wallace, for more years than I can count. We went to Dr. Solhaug Senior when I was just a child, and when I came back to the Seattle area after my (12 year) stint in California, I returned to them. It's hard to find a dentist office that you can trust completely and without any reservations! At least it is for me. :-) I've been going to Dr. Wallace now for maybe 15 years, and he's the best. Still not fun to go in for a crown prep but...probably better than continuing to walk around with a broken molar, as I have been for the past three weeks.

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