Tuesday, January 13, 2009

[day 13 ... january 13]

Before Cory came along, I didn't even know what a "nebulizer" was. But since he developed allergy-induced asthma before he was a year old, we quickly became all too familiar with this machine. He used to really dislike the treatments (not painful, just irritating to have that mask near/over your face and all this mist coming out), but we read books or (when we have to do a lot of the treatments, during a flareup) watch a TV show, and it goes pretty smoothly now.

Cory has been fine for weeks now, after a couple of bumpy months in the Fall. But Sunday he started coughing, and now we're in the midst of a full-blown flare-up. So I have him home from school and am giving him treatments every four hours. He's not much better, so we'll head to the doctor tomorrow and see what they say. Poor guy. So hard to listen to him cough and cough so much. :-(

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