Sunday, January 11, 2009

[day 10 ... january 10]

Dad gave me several old records (honest-to-goodness vinyl) of my high school choir, and I finally dug out the turntable from the garage (where it's been since we moved here, five years ago) so we could play them. Cory was fascinated. The turntable at school is used for creating spin art! Unfortunately, the stereo doesn't applify the sound for some reason, so we could barely hear the tracks. Will have to track down what's up with that. It was still nostalgic to have the records, with all the old photos on the dust jackets and the lists of songs I used to sing from memory with the choir.
Another two-photo day: Cory and Niall are now totally hooked on the online kids' game site, Club Penguin. Cory can hardly get the mouse to click where he wants it to, but he's bound and determined to play, just like Niall. Niall, of course, has investigated every nook and cranny and is lobbying for a full membership so he can play everything properly.

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