Saturday, October 9, 2010

thu, 10/ 280

This week, a third extended day group was started at school for the 6-year-olds (there are 5-7 of them). I think it's a really good move, since the oldest kids' extended day was so crowded and the age range just really a lot to manage, for everyone concerned.

Cory wasn't happy about it. He loves being with the big kids, exploring the woods, having the big sandbox to dig in, playing "Candi tag." But he and Niall already have too much "together" time with regular school outside time, and being apart for the late afternoon can only be to the good. They will both be a lot happier in separate groups, and the staff will be much less stressed out too. Good all around. But an adjustment, too.

Here Cory and Maya are listening to one last story, read by wonderful Diana (also Cory's lunch teacher).

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