Monday, October 4, 2010

sat, 10/ 275

Niall was checking under the enormous squash leaves in the garden this morning, and found four big zucchinis! This was the biggest one. He was quite impressed with his discoveries.

And now...what to do with enormous zucchinis? Everyone says grate them and freeze them for winter zucchini bread, but I don't know if we have enough freezer space for all of it! And honestly, no one is THAT crazy about zucchini bread. Hmm.

While Niall was off on a playdate with his friend John, the other boys and I headed down to IKEA for an overdue shopping trip. I was especially glad Tynor was along this time, not just for the company, but because we ended up getting a lot of stuff (queen bed frame, bookcase, two more sets of shelving for the garage, chair, footstool, set of glasses). We needed two carts to get it back to the car!

Cory looks a bit (just a bit?!) bored in this photo but he was a trooper for the most part, considering how long we dinked around and mulled over the possibilities in various areas (this chair cover? Brown or birch? Where's that queen bed I saw here before??). We had yummy Swedish meatballs for a late lunch and the fries perked him up. :D

Unfortunately I lost track of my purse somewhere in there, so had a few moments of panic before one of the IKEA workers called customer service and assured me that it had been turned in. WHEW. Everything was still in it too. Much relief!

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