Saturday, September 11, 2010

wed, 9/ 251

There is a canned pumpkin shortage! This may not be on everyone's radar yet, since it's not the holiday season and few people bake with pumpkin year-round.

But we do! Pumpkin muffins are a staple at our house, especially useful for popping into school lunches for children who will not eat sandwiches unless they are made on the spot (a topic for another day).

Here's the sad scoop: when I went to Fred Meyer seeking canned pumpkin recently, I couldn't find any or even empty shelf space where they should be. I asked when they would be getting more, and they said there had been a round of serious pumpkin disease last year that had wiped out the supply - and they didn't know if they'd even get them in time for Thanksgiving. Yikes!

Fortunately, my friend Anne (Theo's mom) was ordering from Amazon Fresh just as I posted this sad story on Facebook, and she noticed that they had some canned pumpkin. So she ordered a half dozen cans for me on the spot. Saved by online ordering! For now anyway...

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