Saturday, September 11, 2010

sat, 9/ 254

The lovely bridge from Oregon to Longview, on our way back from Astoria.

After a last minute crunch by the auto shop to finish reassembling the engine, the van was indeed ready today (which I found out at 9:00 this morning!). So Tynor, Niall & I headed down to Oregon in the 4Runner (leaving Cory at Grandma's), got the van, and found and hooked up the tent trailer. It was in a U-Haul lot "nearby"...with no U-Hauls in it. So just a tad hard to find. Fortunately, Niall spied it out the window as we were driving by.

Tynor drove us home, swinging by to pick up Cory from a friend's on the way. It was a faster trip than I'd expected - hooray! Just one stop on the way (to get lunch at Subway in Longview) and one on the way back (Starbucks treats, right next door to the Subway!), and we made the roundtrip in less than 8 hours.

Whew. Glad that's over, and so very happy to have the van back.

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