Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sun, 9/5...day 248

I had a nasty cold Friday and Saturday, but today I felt much better! So I spent part of the afternoon attacking the Giant Blackberry Forest that is threatening - once again - to take over our side yard. Got lots of pokes and cuts along the way - ouch.

But the boys came outside too - since I was there - to help me clear blackberries and to play, so it was good for all of us after a LOT of inside time (and screen time) while I was resting up from my cold the past few days.

We've let the blackberries go for so long that there are actually ripe berries now - meaning that there are canes from last year that we never cut back. Whoops. So as another perk, I picked some berries while I cut down the canes, and ended up with enough to make a little pie and a very little crisp. So we got a tasty treat as a reward for all the work.

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