Saturday, August 28, 2010

tue, 8/ 236

Took our traditional trek down to Tillamook today, along with Grandpa and Grandma, and their friends, Mike & Jody Anderson, all of whom arrived and set up camp across the way from us yesterday.

We wanted to tour the cheese factory, of course, and have lunch, cheese samples, and ice cream. But we were also hoping to drop the car off at a dealership to be checked out. Unfortunately, although the iPhone helpfully told us there was a Honda place in Tillamook, it neglected to tell us it was a shop for small Honda motors, not a car dealership.

So we drove back up to camp after our Tillamook factory excursion and a quick stop at Freddy's for necessities like a bike pump (ours turned out to be broken) and a sweatshirt for Tynor (so I could have mine back!). Managed to lose my keys there for about 15 scary minutes but whew - found them in the back of the van with the grocery bags and we headed on up the highway.

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