Saturday, August 28, 2010

fri, 8/ 239

The car guys checking out the computer readout after hooking up the van. It didn't look good...

We headed over to the Maritime Museum (right next door) while the car guys investigated further. It was a great museum! So glad we had a chance to check it out, even if it was for a not-so-fun reason.

Got a call from North Coast Auto just as we were finishing up our tour of the light boat and taking pictures by the enormous anchor. Bad news: Sparkplug tip had broken off and rattled around in the engine, it seems, and now the car has no compression in one cylinder and little in another. It has to stay in Astoria with the tent trailer, with repairs to commence Monday (sigh), while we head back to Washington in a 4-Runner rented on the spot from the owner of the repair shop.

What an adventure this trip has been!

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