Saturday, August 28, 2010

mon, 8/ 242

Niall went with me when I ran some errands today, and one of our stops was the library in Redmond. I've been reading "The Trumpet of the Swan" to Cory at bedtime, and I left our copy in Astoria with the broken-down van. So I checked the shelves to see if they had a copy on hand, and they did.

While we were in the W's (searching for E. B. White), I found this book and that book that I thought Niall would really enjoy. So we ended up getting about a half dozen more books, just from browsing that one shelf.

Now that's the kind of experience I don't have browsing through books online. I just get a different "feel" for a book when I can hold it and open it and scan the summaries and pages.

Niall is really enjoying the books. :-)

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