Sunday, March 28, 2010

sun, 3/ 87

Today's project was hen house updates Part 2: An access door to the nest box so we can easily retrieve eggs. I've been going through the main back door and then the door to the hen house, reaching way back to pull out the nesting box, removing eggs, and then pushing the box back in the corner again.

But with the new door, we can just unlatch it, reach in for eggs, and close it back up again. It'll make it really simple for even Cory to get eggs. Yay!

Tynor and I worked together again, through spats of rain and challenges of making starter holes and cutting through plywood in reasonably straight lines (he did a great job :D). Another mission accomplished!

Of course - between those two projects, that was almost my whole weekend devoured. But it was worth it. This is going to be a busy week, though, finishing up everything else to get ready to go.

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