Sunday, March 28, 2010

sat, 3/ 86

It's such a pain to have the chickens split up into two separate chicken tractors and deal with double the water, food, moving, egg-collecting, etc. duties. Now that the low hen on the totem pole has completely recovered, I wanted to move her back in with the others. But I think lack of space (after we added the hen house) contributed to the pecking problem.

So I devised a plan for expanding the big chicken tractor and wanted to get it built and ready for four-hen occupancy this weekend, so Grandma won't have to deal with double hen-care while I'm gone to Malawi (leaving Friday!). It took several trips to McLendon's, of course, but eventually we had all the lumber and supplies needed and Tynor and I knocked out the addition by early evening. So satisfying!

The hens are all back together now, and although some feathers flew early on (re-establishing the pecking order), they seem to be settling down now. Fingers crossed.

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