Saturday, November 21, 2009

[day 324... nov 20]

The big move is finally happening at work. We've been cramped into too few offices for the whole two years I've been with this group, with the promise of moving to new space and spreading out always "just around the corner."

It's finally here, and with 10+ years of seniority (which is how they decide these things), I'll go back to having a window office. That'll be nice, though as long as I have my own office and space, the rest is gravy. Our relatively-recently-reorg'd teams will be arranged near each other, too, which will be nice.

I'm not fond of packing and moving, but everything's done now, including three boxes at home, along with my red guest chair and my office chair (which they'll replace with something standard and uncomfortable otherwise!).And the best part? We get the three days off before Thanksgiving weekend so the movers can shuffle everyone around unencumbered. :-)

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