Saturday, November 21, 2009

[day 322... nov 18]

Tonight was a "State of the School" presentation at Little School, so it was a wild day. Work, then Niall's OT session over in Shoreline, a stop at a nearby McD's for dinner and playtime on the climber there, then back to Bellevue for the meeting.

Happily, the school provides free childcare for most of these evening events now, so Cory and Niall spent an hour or two in the familiar Extended Day classrooms with caregivers they know well. It made for a very late night, though, by the time the meeting was over at 8:30, then the drive home, then quick versions of bedtime routines, and off to bed. There were some very tired kids at school the next day, I'm afraid.

Cory spent his evening time working with Colleen (his lunch teacher during the school day) to make cool things out of K'nex. They made a great boat outline on the floor and Cory also made this AT-AT walker and light saber. He was very pleased with how they turned out, as you can see. :-)

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