Saturday, November 21, 2009

[day 321... nov 17]

Every year, Carmen - the Spanish teacher at Little School - builds a beautiful Day of the Dead altar for the community to share memories about and honor the memory of their loved ones who have died. Some years I get organized enough to send photos with the boys of grandparents or others in our lives who have passed on, but it didn't quite happen this year.

Ten years ago, Kellen, Tynor and I traveled to Oaxaca with Susi, Martin and their kids for about ten days, timed to included the Day of the Dead - día de los muertos. The community there celebrates the festival in a huge way, with altars, sand paintings, skull-headed figures (catrinas), dances, performances. It was an amazing experience. We saw lots of other amazing sights in the area as well (despite Kellen being horribly sick a good part of the time, unfortunately), but día de los muertos was a major highlight.

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