Thursday, September 24, 2009

[day 263... sep 20]

Following my new weekend plan of "a day at home, a day out in the world," we drove to Seattle today, planning to visit the Pacific Science Center and maybe catch an IMAX movie. But much to our disappointment, the Science Center is closed for the whole week. Bummer. :-(

Undeterred, we switched gears and headed back to the freeway and down past Boeing Field to the Museum of Flight - another favorite spot we haven't been to for a long time. I wasn't feeling terribly well unfortunately (fighting a cold). But the boys enjoyed checking out the showcased space flight exhibit, and then on to favorites like the Flight Zone kids area, the control tower, and the fighter jets on the main floor that you can sit in and pretend to pilot.

Here Niall and Cory are "flying" a plane in the Flight Zone by pushing pedals on the floor to adjust the flaps and tail. They also tried out the hang glider - Niall did it several times and came really close to the target, much to his delight.

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