Saturday, September 19, 2009

[day 262... sep 19]

I was determined to go for a walk today, however short, and Cory decided he'd come along and ride his bike. We stopped to see the horses on the path between our road and the road along the ridge. They were sure we were going to give them something tasty to eat, but not having any treats with us, we just admired them and then kept going. They followed us hopefully on their side of the pasture fence all the way to the ridge road.

Then on our way back a bit later, I noticed that the wild apple tree at that end of the path had begun dropping apples. So Cory and I gathered a few to pass along to the eager horses. They were delighted, and Cory got such a kick out of "feeding" the horses. There were lots more still in the tree, so maybe we'll go back with Tynor and see if he can reach a few for us to try too.

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