Thursday, September 24, 2009

[day 267... sep 24]

There's a big construction project in progress at one of the two main intersections at the bottom of Hollywood Hill. They're putting in three roundabouts: one big one, to replace the traffic light, and two smaller ones to help side traffic at the baseball field (that's the nearly-completed one you can see in this photo) and and the soon-to-be-exit for a "village" development (that seems to be on hold for now because of the economy nosedive).

It's intriguing to watch the roundabouts take shape. Not the usual roadwork we see, which typically involves adding a lane, repaving, or other more mundane work. I'm really curious how the main roundabout is going to work, with all the commute traffic heading to Redmond in the morning and back to Woodinville in the evening. I hope it improves the flow of cars through the intersection because there are typically big backups. I'm sure that's the plan. But we'll see!

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