Friday, September 18, 2009

[day 261... sep 18]

Someday, probably not that long from now, this isn't something you'll see in our home: a physical answering machine and a standard cordless phone attached to a Verizon landline. We so rarely use the phone to make calls, and don't often receive them either.

I keep thinking I should switch to just cell phones - except that would leave no phone service here at all if Tynor and I were both gone and whoever was here with the little guys didn't happen to have a charged-up, in-hand cell phone with them. Grandma comes to mind. Or I could use one of the new services where you buy a set of hardware for a fixed fee and it uses VOIP (voice over Internet) to make the calls, skipping the phone lines.

But I haven't gotten organized enough yet to figure out a better (and no doubt cheaper!) option. So for now, the ancient answering machine and landline phone remain.

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