Friday, September 11, 2009

[day 254... sep 11]

Every year, organizations in the area have a Day of Caring where people from a workplace are matched with a nonprofit that needs help for a day. The work can vary from painting a room to teaching staff members how to use a computer program.

This year my group at Microsoft chose to work with a center in Bellevue that offers care and programs for elderly and disabled people. The task was to work with a professional organizer (who donated her time) to clear out, sort, and organize an attic full of crafts and supplies. I haven't volunteered for Day of Caring in many years, being so overscheduled in general anyway, but I finally felt ready to dive back in.

It was a marvelous experience. We pulled out boxes and piles and bags of stuff, sorted them into keep, throw away, and rummage sale, and neatly filled new tupperwares, labeled them, and stored them on shelves. For the rummage sale, I helped sort and price items (not my forte, but I just took my best shot at it).

It was inspiring to see order emerge from so much disorganized STUFF in such a short time. If only we could all have an army of volunteers descend on our disorderly garages to clean them up!

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