Friday, September 11, 2009

[day 253... sep 10]

It's a busy week. Yesterday, the first day of school, and today was the Microsoft Company Meeting at Safeco Field. It's an all-day event in Seattle that we bus to from campus and then back again. I missed connecting with my teammates for the bus ride, so decided to just board one of the busses and meet up with them at the other end. I sat in the front seat and watched the entire bus fill with men - it was quite funny. I don't usually notice how unbalanced our organization is, since I work with a mix of men and women. Finally at the very end, 2-3 other women came on board. I thought I was going to be the only one!

I sat next to a friendly woman who is originally from New Zealand, and we had a pleasant visit for the ride to Seattle talking about children and work and travel. She's quite sure I should just hop on a plane to NZ since I've wanted to go there for ages. Just do it! Fares are low, it's an "easy" overnight trip - why wait? Well, I have two young reasons why it isn't *quite* that simple. But I loved her can-do attitude.

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