Friday, September 11, 2009

[day 252... sep 9]

The first day of school is FINALLY here! Hooray! We made it out the door eventually, despite some struggles to get up early enough and then last-minute scurrying around to find backpacks and lunchboxes (which, yes, I should have laid out completely the night before didn't all happen). We got to school just a few minutes late, so I called it a good start to the year.

Niall dashed off to class when I dropped him off at the turnaround, and when I checked on him 15 minutes later, he was deeply involved in some kind of get-to-know-you scavenger hunt so I didn't barge in to say goodbye.

I walked Cory up to class and he was predictably clingy and wanted me to stay. But several of his friends from last year were already there, and he was soon busy making light sabers with Theo and able to let me slip away comfortably.

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