Sunday, March 1, 2009

[day 62 ... march 3]

I finally found a shower curtain I liked, so we can use the hall bathroom shower again after all these months. The repair/remodeling work was finished in November but boy, it's hard to find "normal" looking shower curtains, as it turns out. I finally saw one I liked at Fred Meyer and of course, they were sold out. :-( But a very nice woman got on the phone and tracked one down for me in their Idaho store, got it shipped to Totem Lake, and it was in my hands in week or two later. Yay!

Then I had to get around to installing the tension bar, finding the liner and hooks (purchased months ago), and getting it all set up. And now we're finally there.

Kellen is very happy. This has been "his" shower since we moved in (Tynor and I like the master bath shower better) so he's really missed it all this time. But has been remarkably patient while his mom slogged through all the two-steps-forward, one-step-backwards of getting the curtain figured out.

Here's the master bath shower, with the "Flemish" glass doors, which I love. Truly, they make me happy every time I see them so I remind myself of that when the reality of (shhhh) cost creeps into my thoughts.

I'm also enjoying the bench that Garry and Roger worked out for inside the shower, which they added after removing mostly-empty space behind the original shower wall. It makes the shower so much more light and spacious and is handy to have too.

The work needed doing, after five years of looking at ever-worsening mold, water damage, soggy tile, and all the rest. And the crew did a fabulous job and were a joy to work with. If it weren't so dang expensive, I could get into this home remodelling thing. It's sure wonderful to enjoy the results!

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