Thursday, February 19, 2009

[day 48 ... february 17]

Thank goodness Candi was available this week to come play with the kids, since Grandma Shannon came down with a nasty bug and the boys have been sick off and on (in some cases, repeatedly) as well. Only Tynor has been hit with something flu-like; the rest of us have just had bad colds that linger on something fierce.

Niall and Cory have been delighted to have Candi come over. They miss her! Especially Cory, who doesn't see her at Extended Day at school, as Niall does. She's been playing outside with them a lot, since the weather's been nice (for a change!) and she can hopefully avoid Tynor's flu bug as well.

The boys mentioned yesterday that they had been working on making a fort out of the climber, so today, Candi brought sheets and other gear to add. They ended up playing cards and having a snack at the little table under the slide end of the climber - great little spot to hang out. You can see one of the little dogs that Candi's taking care of this week too. She brought them with her so they'd have some fun as well - much to Niall's delight and somewhat to Cory's trepidation.

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