Thursday, February 19, 2009

[day 47 ... february 16]

In a perhaps vain attempt to lure Niall away from Rock Band, I got him SingStar 80's for Christmas (with some help from the Snapp grandparents). He loves to sing in Rock Band - truly a passion for him. But the songs are geared toward teens and are borderline-acceptable for an 8-year-old at best. Many of them I don't let him sing (or watch the older boys play) at all, much to his frustrations.

Now all the songs on SingStar '80s are reasonable for a kid his age, so I hope he gets into it. Plus they're songs I like too, and we have two mics so I can sing duets with him, which I thought he'd like too. "Eye of the Tiger" - here we come! :-)

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