Sunday, June 6, 2010

sun, 6/ 157

We visited Annette and Arabella again today, this time at their new house! Just 12 minutes from our house - very cool. (They used to live in CA so this is MUCH close. :D)

Cory and Arabella were a kick together. We tried playing a game of Candyland that lasted for awhile, and then switched to Shoots & Ladders. Maybe 5 minutes of that and they were done! Then they started playing a game of running downstairs, and then back up to sit in the little rocking chair (Arabella) and the big rocking chair (Cory). Bella especially thought that was just the funniest thing.

Our other adventure today was buying a new freezer - quickly, because the 20+ year old chest freezer is definitely on its last legs. So now we need to get the new one installed, plugged in, and everything transferred asap. Some aspects you can't rush, though: the freezer has to stay vertical for 24 hours after being moved on its side (lying down in the back of the van) so all the coolant can settle back down where it belongs. But we'll get there.

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