Sunday, June 6, 2010

sat, 6/ 156

Today was a TLS group outing at the Mariners! We had cheap tickets ($11 each) way up high in the left-field seats. I've never sat there before. Have always been in left field above the foul line post.

Niall finally got to see a Mariners game, which he has been pining after for several years now. Both boys did very well, especially for a 3.5 hour game in which we got trounced by the Angels. :-(

On the good side, our first run was Ichiro crossing the plate for his 1000th run - 3rd best in Mariners history!

We had some yummy Ivars fish & chips (Cory had "chips" - lots of them :D), a red rope licorice, some pumpkin muffins from home, and a bag of pepperoni sticks. And the boys wanted still more food! That's one way to pass the time at a game, especially if you're too young to drink beer (at $7.50 a pop - ouch).

Both boys enjoyed watching the field faaaar below through the binoculars, and then taking pictures (with very good zoom cameras, fortunately) of the batters, pitchers, and runners.

It was a beautiful day - our first in weeks, it seems - so the roof was open, the sun was out, it was just the right temperature. A very nice day indeed.

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