Saturday, December 18, 2010

thu, 12/ 357

Today is Niall's 10th birthday! We celebrated before our daily outing with breakfast-time gifts, and afterwards with "candy for dinner," including fairy bread. Quite a hit with the kids! (Also had party sausages and chips, so a *very* well-rounded meal. LOL)

We visited Zealandia today, a bird and other wildlife sanctuary right in Wellington. Saw amazing presentations and interactive displays about New Zealand's history and the devastation of its native population of birds, animals, and plants. Zealandia provides a pest-free environment where some of these populations can (and have) be safe to blossom again.

There are two dams at Zealandia, and this is Cory checking out the binoculars in the middle of the upper dam's walkway. The wind was really whipping across the bridge!

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