Monday, December 13, 2010

thu, 12/ 350

We arrived safely in Auckland, very tired but glad to be in New Zealand at last.

As we sat not far from the rental car place, waiting to see if Joanna would come as she thought she might (for a court appearance in Auckland), we struck up a conversation with a couple travelling from Germany. The woman was doing a wooden solataire puzzle kind of like a mini-Chinese Checkers, and Niall was intrigued. Then she got out another kind of puzzle, like triangular dominoes, and invited Niall to play with her. They enjoyed several games before they needed to leave to shuttle to their rental car.

And just about then, Joanna arrived! Delightful to see her, and she got us started with getting a phone from Vodaphone, maps of the area, and getting some money changed to NZ dollars.

She also showed us her formal black robes, which she has to wear to court appearances. A bit more formal than America. :-)

We had a dodgy time finding out way out of Auckland and to the Pacific Coast Highway that we'd take all the way up to Hahei (the road signs didn't match the map or directions at all), but managed it eventually and wound our way up the coast. The little studio at Hahei Retreat is new, clean and comfortable, and we're glad to be settling in.

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