Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tue, 9/21...day 264

Tonight was the Woods Building parent night at Little School. I brought Subway for the boys, and we ate by the little climber before it was time for the meeting.

Cory and Niall spent the evening in the Extended Day room, since childcare was provided by the school (yay!). Tynor and I listened to Peter - the new Head of School - give an introduction in the Meadows Center Room, and then Tynor went to Niall's class to listen in for me and I went to Cory's class. I figured I'd been to Alice's "back to school" session the year before so I had some idea what Niall was up to in class, but this is Cory's first year with Steve.

It was a marvelous evening. Steve shared with us his philosophy of teaching (which I love), and something about the daily routines of the classroom and how the children are working together. Then some parents talked about their school experiences as 6 and 7-year-olds, and how that did or didn't influence their decision to send their child to Little School. We wrapped up by making cards and letters for our kids and taping them to their cubbies. (The next day the children had a grand time creating cards in reply to bring home to us. :-)

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