Thursday, September 23, 2010

thu, 9/ 266

Cory created a wonderful little book today at Extended Day called "Forests." It includes a "fold-out" page, courtesy of a friend, that has a great big tree drawn sideways (so you turn the book to see the tree, as Cory is demonstrating here).

On the other pages, he wrote about other things you might find in a forest: a trail, sticks, moss. He wanted to be sure that I got credit for helping come up with the ideas (we were brainstorming in the car on the way home, since he hadn't finished the book in the afternoon), so we added a note about "Idea Contributor: Stacia" in addition to the "Author: Cory" and "Illustrator: Cory" entries.

And on the back, he wanted to include both of our pictures, so I found photos of each of us and trimmed them, and we attached them to the back.

Finally, he wanted to make a movie in which he would share the book, and then talk about how it was made. He's very comprehensive in his projects, this boy.

Now it's all set to read to other students, and/or take to the library to add to the collection. :-)

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