Wednesday, July 14, 2010

thu, 7/ 189

Kellen came by for lunch today and got sushi again. It must be good. I love how they make it fresh as you wait.

We walked over to the Company Store to check out Zune HDs (they didn't have any :-(), and then stopped to order Kellen's new smart phone, while we were in the neighborhood (near the Commons).

I added Kellen and Tynor to an AT&T family plan a few weeks ago, with the agreement that we'll split the basic bill three ways and all save some money. Tynor has a phone already (and plans to get an iPhone, when he has a job) and Kellen got a "feature" phone to start with. But now that he has a steady income working at Uwajimaya (yay!), he can afford to upgrade to data on his cell. :-)

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