Friday, May 7, 2010

thu, 5/ 126

Cory celebrated his birthday in class today because tomorrow has a lot going on. So Joyce brought out the birthday teepee, as is traditional for them.

Coincidentally, Kellen came with us this morning (to spend the day at work with me because we both have midday appointments in the same place), and this is the teepee that was the class auction project when he was in Barbara's class - many eons ago. So fun to have a photo of Cory together with him and the teepee (right where his name is, too!).

In other "banner day" news, Tynor got his braces off. He wasn't particularly excited about it...but I was! Not quite two years of having braces, and now he's finally done.

His pearly whites look great, at least from a layman's perspective.

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