Monday, May 3, 2010

mon, 5/ 123

It was my Observation Day in Niall's class, which coincidentally was at the same time as the annual TLS May Day Parade. I've only missed one, I think, in all these years - when all parents were inexplicably banned from school grounds! "It's a kids-only event." Pfft.

As usual, the sun came out for all the marching children and teachers, with colorful hats made in the classroom, musical instruments of various kinds adding a cheerful clanging and banging to the production, and older children helping guide little ones as they walked down the steps and in a circle around the Big Field.

Most years they stop in the Big Field and there's some kind of performance in the center: gymnastics, drumming, etc. But this year was a very quick parade: just down, around the field twice, and back up the steps.

I'm glad I got to see it yet again. It's one of my favorite traditions at the school.

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