Friday, April 30, 2010

tue, 4/ 117

Getting back into the routine, back to work, catching up on email, still falling into bed as soon as the boys are down but...getting there.
These are some of the beautiful carved wood items I brought back. I just love them.

The same woodworker also carved a two-piece set that shows a woman lifting a pot to carry on her head, and the intricate bowl-and-top (that needs some gluing assistance). He has a tiny little shop just a short ways from the Dedza Pottery shop where we stopped on our way back to Lilongwe from Club Mak.

This book is from Tribal Textiles (where I got the placemats and a bunch of other neat stuff). I plan to make a photo scrapbook with it. Love the hippo on the cover - reminds me of all the hippos in the river at Camp Nkwila.

The fabric below the book is what I bought at the market in Lilongwe. I had narrowed down my favorites to two prospects, and Niall really didn't want me to buy the brighter, more dramatic material. So we made it a joint choice and went with this subtler pattern.

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