Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sat, 4/ 100

A day of relaxing at Club Mak - swimming, eating, swimming some more, playing cards, followed by (you guessed it) another swim. And today we headed home - that is, back to Lilongwe.

On the way, we stopped at a pottery place that Sieglinde and family have been to many times called Dedza Pottery. They have a lovely little cafe as well, so we had lunch and then browsed through the shop.

Niall really liked the pottery village scenes and the chess set. I thought a pottery chess set would be a major undertaking to bring home - yikes. Luckily Sieglinde mentioned that there are some really nice carved wooden sets that we could check out when we're back in Lilongwe and Niall thought that sounded like a great idea. Whew.

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