Sunday, February 14, 2010

thu, 2/ 42

I was happy to run into Kellen in Redmond at lunchtime today (we both have Thursday appointments at noon now, it seems). Walked back to my car, and there he was!

We swung by Trader Joe's and Starbucks, and then I took him back to work with me. He hung out working on getting his laptop configured so he could connect to the network, and I worked on my own stuff, went to meetings, etc. Then we headed off to school to pick up the boys, who were also happily surprised to see him.

It was fun having him home for dinner and for the evening. He and Tynor got into a rip-roaring online (Facebook) game of Risk in the evening - one of them at his laptop on the couch, the other at the table - while I watched "24." Very companionable all around. :-)

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