Sunday, February 14, 2010

fri, 2/ 43

At long last, "The Lightning Thief" movie has arrived! Niall has been eagerly anticipating opening night for weeks now. I bought tickets ahead of time for him and me to go see it together, while Cory went to Grandma's for the night. Not very often that Niall and I get a mom-and-son playdate. Very fun.

We arrived about ten minutes before the movie started, and the place was COMPLETELY packed! I guess a lot of other kids were also anxious to see the movie version of one of their favorite books. We found an aisle seat way up in the back, and I sat down on the step next to Niall. But a mom who had brought a whole passel of boys for a birthday party took pity on us. She had two of her kids move down into an empty seat, and then swapped seats with Niall. So he and I sat together in the very tippy top row on the end. Great view!

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